Welcome to Clientrol

Like many who have come before us, our journey started with a need that became an idea that became a product that turned into a company.

The Idea is Born — 2013

There are many reasons why I started Clientrol, the one that pushed me to do it was once I got a call one night from a guy in Salt Lake City, he found me online and asked me to help him urgently. If I didn’t help him out he would go elsewhere but i didn’t have  contract for him, too much time to send out a proposal so I asked him to send me payment in advance and then I would setup a sheet with the time I spent working for him. It was very messy, I looked everywhere for something that could give me a request tool but the client would purchase time in advance, nada zip available.

I went ahead and started building it as a Joomla component and this is the 1st screenshot.

Classic Dashboard is created – 2014

I wanted a Dashboard that users could easily send Requests but could also see how much time was left in their account, the classic dashboard was created.

Beta, Alpha, Beta, Alpha Launch – 2015

Going to the WebSummit in Dublin with a very bootstrapped model, we began releasing the idea out into the wild. The feedback was brilliant and we rounded up our first few beta testers.

Problem was Clientrol was still a Joomla Component and I was reluctant to give away the product for free, we needed to move to a subscription based model.

Move to SaaS based Product – 2016

Moving to a SaaS model meant that users could free trail Clientrol and also manage their subscriptions, it gave us scope to release new versions easily.

Version 3 Release – 2017

Version 3 of Clientrol included a number of significant changes.

We’re always looking for talent

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your resumé or portfolio to become part of our talent pool.