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  • Tasks
    • What's it about?

      Prepaid requires the client to purchase time in advance before submitting a request. If the Client has no hours available, they will be unable to send requests or messages

  • Sub-Tasks
    • What's it about?

      Organise and build your project with sub-tasks.

  • Budget
    • What's it about?

      You can assign a budget to your projects in hours giving you greater control and eliminating scope creep or clients going outside their plan.

  • Milestones
    • What's it about?

      Create goals and targets with Milestones and help organise your project efficiently.

  • Reporting
    • What's it about?

      Reporting is made easy and accessible, you or your client can generate a report anytime from their dashboard, no more asking “Hows that project coming along?”

  • Visability
    • What's it about?

      Sometimes you need to work privately, with Clientrol Projects you can control your client’s viewing access to the entire project or individual tasks and sub-tasks.

  • F.A.Q
    • Can Client's add Tasks to a Project?

      No, Client’s cannot add tasks or milestones to a project, the Admin has full control at all times. Your client can submit a request which can be converted to a task and added to the project.

    • Can I copy a Project?

      Yes, there is a function to duplicate a project which copies all the tasks, sub-tasks and milestones.

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