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  • Controlled Requests
    • What's it about?

      The Request feature is the central part of Clientrol and where it all started, a system whereby your client can submit what they need done instead of multiple emails and no wasting time.

  • Notifications
    • What's it about?

      Notifications are a key feature with alerts within your dashboard and every notification sent by email but not everyone wants to be notified of requests opening or closing all the time.

      You might want to review a request before your client is notified that its open like ticketing systems, you can control this by viewing a request and selecting open then your client is notified.

      Your Client can mute notifications anytime within their profile or you can mute within the admin.

  • Approval
    • What's it about?

      Clients can accept that a request has been completed and the hours are automatically removed or added to their account.

  • Custom Forms
    • What's it about?

      Recurring is for clients who have a monthly retainer, this plan automatically updates every 30-days with the number of hours assigned to the client.

  • Request to Task
    • What's it about?

      Clientrol has a built in feature to converts a Request to a Task for you to add to any project.

  • F.A.Q
    • Whats the difference between a Request and Task?

      Request is a submission made by your client to get you to do something, like submitting a Ticket or a Support Request, one off or continuous.

      Task is part of a project, a project is built from many tasks and milestones.

    • Can I add a Request to a Project?

      Yes, Clientrol has a feature whereby you can convert a Request to a Task and add it to a Project.

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