Say what?

Clientrol is a Client Management Solution for Freelancers & Digital Agencies. It has everything you need to manage your Client's Requests, Retainers, Projects & your Team in one subscription. With 6 Client Retainer Plans to choose from, you can control how you will get paid for every minute you or your team work.

Everything under Control.

Clientrol gives you full control over your client's work and what they need done. If they have no hours available they can't submit requests. P.S We have a retainer called Bundle where is is based on services and not time.

Retainer Control

Clientrol has 6 different Retainer Plans built in. Choose from Prepaid, Recurring, Ongoing, Bundle, Timed or Unlimited.

Team Control

Your want to see what’s going on at all times with your team & sub-contractors, Clientrol will give you full visibility.

Client Control

From Getting Paid on Time to Managing Requests, Team and Projects. Clientrol becomes your assistant for all the work while you build ...

Project Control

Tight Project Management without the drama. Tasks, Sub-Tasks, Milestones and Reporting. Fire up a Project in seconds and assign it to your ...

Get Paid Immediately for your Work.

Clientrol integrates with your favourite Payment processor including GoCardLess. Once you are setup, any purchases by your clients go directly to your account.


How will Clientrol help my business?

Every Client is different, you will have different rates or services for each one, Clientrol is extremely flexible so you can customise every single client with a different retainer setup and project management configuration, without the multiple subscriptions!

Requests, Retainers, Tasks, Projects & More. Even the little things like timers, notes, files are all included so you can become more productive and drive your business and spend less time with the crap; chasing payments, email tennis and searching to see what your team are working on.

Your Clients will love their Dashboard

Easy to use Client Dashboard with full visibility and to purchase additional time in seconds!

Purchase Hours in Seconds

Clients can easily purchase support time in a few seconds. You create the Retainer blocks of 1,5,10,20,50 hours or any amount of hours as you like. Payments processed by Stripe or PayPal.

Capture Everything at Once

Easily create Custom Request Forms with a drag&drop interface to match your Client's requirements so everything is captured and no email tennis.

Part of your Team

Clientrol becomes an integral part of your client relationship so it should also look and feel that way too. Add your logo, customise the background, add your face and custom replies to deliver a warm Client experience.

14 Day Free Trial of Clientrol

Take Clientrol for a spin. We can give you credentials or have an online one-to-one Q&A.