Everything under Control.

Sell & Manage Client Services, Retainers and More.


Control Your Client Retainers

The Complete Solution to Manage All Your Client Retainers.

Prepaid, Ongoing, Bundles, Recurring & Unlimited.

Clientrol has 5 Different Client Retainers for you to Control your Client's Requests, Tasks and Workflow. Clients know exactly how much time is left in their Retainer and can add hours anytime.

Purchase Time Instantly

Your Clients can purchase 1 hour or 1000 hours quickly from their dashboard. The payment is sent direct to you, no waiting around and no fees.

Add Restrictions, Upgrade Options, Different Rates, Rollover Hours & Much More

You are in full control over your Client Retainer, you can add Restrictions to control your workflow or offer upgrade options and so much more. Clientrol is the complete Client Retainer Solution.

How Clientrol can help you

  • I'm a Freelancer
  • I have a Small Team
  • I manage an Agency

I'm a Freelancer

You are busy and want to spend your time working, not chasing payment or more information when a Request comes in. With Clientrol Retainers, you can offer your Clients to purchase time in advance or sell monthly recurring bundles. You can also create custom forms so you capture everything your client needs, first time.

I have a Small Team

Managing a Team or local or remote contractors can be a challenge, you want everyone working on your client's project. With Clientrol, you can add your team and assign requests, projects or tasks easily. You can quickly see who is working on what at any given time.

I manage an Agency

Managing an Agency with internal staff and external contractors means you need full control. With Clientrol, our tools give you full leverage over your client's requests but also your staff and external contractors so everyone is pulling in the same direction.

The Classic Client Dashboard

Easy to use Client Dashboard with full visibility and purchase additional time in seconds!

Classic Client Dashboard

Your Client can submit Requests via their online dashboard, they can instantly see how much time is available from their retainer.

Capture Everything at Once

Easily create Custom Request Forms with a drag&drop interface to match your Client's requirements so everything is captured and no email tennis.

Part of your Team

Add your logo, customise the background, add your face and custom replies to deliver a warm Client experience.

Your Team under Control

Monitor, Manage and Control your inhouse or virtual team. See who is working on what, when and where. Available with Team & Agency versions.

Live Manager Overview

Instant visibility to your inhouse or virtual team and your clients.

Assign Managers to Clients, Requests, Tasks & Projects

Easily assign your Managers to different clients, setting out who is working where.

Restrict Everything

You have full control over the access your Managers have to client and your business. They will never see transactions, purchases or bills.

How will Clientrol help my business?

Clientrol solves many key Client related challenges, from getting paid to manage work requests to working smarter and managing a local or remote team. Clientrol pulls it all together in one platform, Clientrol works both ways, it also gives your client full control and visibility of your work, everything you need is here - everything under control.

Get Paid Immediately.

Clientrol integrates easily with your favourite payment processor including GoCardLess. Once you are setup, any purchases by your clients go directly to your account, instantly.


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