Ok so I have the concept for Clientrol. I know what I want it to do but how do I go about getting it to a working model to start prototyping it? Unfortunately software is not like a 3D printer and as a solo startup with no investors costs will be everything.

I decided to go about prototyping the product using Open source frameworks, Joomla was my go to content management system so I decided to use ot as the framework for Clientrol. It already had a lot of the features i needed; User Login, Plugins, Components and Modules. I felt this would be the quickest and cost affective route to market. It was and I managed to create a working component for Joomla, great i hear you say.. well not really.

For beta users, I had to distribute V1 as a zip folder not knowing where the folders were going to end up, I decided to pull back on distribution. I also wanted the product to be a subscription and to keep it updated, something that could not be done with a local install. This began the process for V2.