Quite a scary thought.. what will Freelancing be like in 100 Years time. Will it be completely automated? will there be AI for AI? Who will be there to chase clients?

As abstract the idea is, it wouldn’t be too weird to imagine what freelancing would be like in 100 years. Have any industries changed in the last 100 years? of course they have but they have in the majority of cases, adapted with the times. New technology has come along to make things faster and progress quicker, not easier.

What freelancing professions would change in 100 years time or would they pivot and pivot again. As humans we have learn to adapt, we have the thought process to expect the unexpected, we know that robots will be controlling a lot of what we do in the future – we have that awareness but we also accept and understand that change is good. Here are the top 5 freelancing professionals that might look different in 100 years time.

1. The Web Designer.

Already with Squarespace, Wix and similar crap out there –  the life of the web designer becomes difficult by the day. Considered by many a heavily saturated profession, some would argue(joke) that it’s already run by robots! with little creativity involved than dressing up a theme. But Robots don’t have imagination, they can’t decipher between colours and emotion no matter how many algorithms you load onto them. Web Designers love nothing more than a challenge and by gosh they will have one in 100 years time, Yes The web designer shall exist!

Chances of surviving: High 8/10

2. The Social Media Guru.

it was job that didn’t exist 10 years ago, will it last another 100? how much more social can we become, we already know everything about each other. a social media guru is there t advise on strategy and attaining customers through various social channels. But Social Media might become another beast altogether, humans are difficult and there may come a day when we are bored of Social Media and just don’t use it anymore or where its embedding in everything we do, one hundred fold more than it is now.

Chances of surviving: Mid 5/10

3. The Virtual Assistant.

This will be a tough one.. will a virtual assistant become virtual, can you rely on a Siri type application to do your research, organising and chasing your clients? Probably, in a matter of seconds. But we are always SO busy, why can’t we have a human to organise our shit? How long will you have to spend talking to Siri just to get them to understand your accent? Fucked if you are Scottish.

Chances of surviving: Low 2/10

4. The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Person.

Will Google still be around in 100 years time? definitely, but will there still be a requirement for SEO and individuals offering this service? How will we search or will it be a case that we are told what we should buy, eat, wear, where to go on holidays and chat to based on our preferences. Maybe we will put out palm on a keyboard and it will instantly give us our recommendations without any thought.. so why the hell do you need to search?

Chances of surviving: Hmmm 4/10

5. The Graphic Designer.

I’m talking about REAL graphic designers now, not the bullshit you see around – Rehashed stock logos. Just like the Web Designer the Graphic Designer always thinks they will be first against the wall. Anyone can draw a squiggle right? Well not so much.. certainly there will always be a need for Graphic Designers, could an AI Robot really become creative? While there might be more simplicity to the process with better software and hardware emerging to make it well.easier. Like music, not any Joe can pick up a guitar and right a hit song. You need it.. the spark of creativity which makes you design a new shoe or phone or a cereal bar.

Chances of surviving: Good 8/10

Conclusion —

Everything will be different in 100 years but there will still be life in freelancing, maybe with greater independence everyone is freelance. Companies and Corporations are not existent and everyone works for themselves.

I’m sure 100 years ago they couldn’t predicted that our life today is spent staring at a phone or that we must have internet to do a day’s work, things change – we evolve and here are still crafters, speakers, helpers, builders and creatives making the world go around.