We are delighted to introduce the following updates to Clientrol – 11/02/2017.

Stripe Integration.

Stripe is now available as a payment processor for your client to purchase support time. To setup, go to your Dashboard > Settings > Payment and Select Stripe.

Please add your Publishable key and Secret, these are available within your Stripe account settings under API.

When added to your Clientrol Settings, Select Save. You can now start to receive payments to your Stripe account.

Note: Make sure your API settings are set to Live and not Test.

If you require any support setting up Stripe, email us.

Additional Retainer Blocks.

We have now added another 3 so you have up 3-6 options available to create different support blocks. Go to Dashboard > Plans > Hours to configure. You can also give titles to the Blocks – such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Basic, Premium etc

New Contact Welcome Email Template.

Adding a contact to a client in your dashboard means they receive an automated email with their username, password and link to login to your dashboard. This welcome email can be customised in your Dashboard > Settings > New Contact Welcome Email Template.

Bug Fixes

There was an issue some users were experiencing uploading files within the Admin Dashboard, this is fixed. If you are experiencing any bugs, please email: support@clientrol.com

Support Available

We are here to help, always – if you require any assistance with setup we can provide onscreen training wherever you are in the world! Email us: support@clientrol.com or visit our Knowledgebase or click below for our community support group.