Hi everyone, we are working very hard to bring you the biggest update to Clientrol ever and i mean ever. The new Version 5 includes a host of new features, better design, layout, interfaces and a total revamp. We are so looking forward to releasing it.. but the best things come to those who wait! We are a small team so we want to make sure everything is shipshape before release. Right now we are in test phase, ironing out any creases so we are beautifully well presented to all you lovely people!

I will be introducing you to new features we have added to V5 so you will know in advance of its release.

Introducing: Bundle Retainer

We currently have 5 retainer plans, each plan is focussed around time and cost with everything tracked per hour. Listening to feedback from users, we discovered that more and more freelancers or agencies are offering their client a service retainer which includes a number f services rolled up into a package and charged at a monthly fee, not by the hour.

So we have created Bundle – a new plan you can assign to your clients, when you assign a Bundle plan you can choose the cost of the Bundle and the recurring date whereby the bundle resets back. There will also be an option to send a bill to the clients whenever you like.

The bundle plan will also include limits where you can limit the number of requests or tasks for your bundle client. Of course you can choose no limits and they will have no restrictions.

We totally understand that every client is different and we want to include all your client retainers when using Clientrol, we hope you find this feature useful. If you have any comments, please let us know below!