We are delighted to introduce 2 new Dashboards for Administrators & Clients.

The Admin new dashboard shows all your clients at a glance – here you can see any requests that need to be actioned with the red notification in the top corner.

You can also see the client’s plan – number of remaining hours, projects and tasks.

With the new version of Clientrol, you can assign Managers to your Client. These can be internal staff or external  contractors, it will give them access to your client. However you have full control and you can restrict Managers to Requests, Messages and Projects. You can also assign them to different projects for the same client.

Wait, I can’t see my clients on my dashboard?

Go to Client settings and select the favourite button, this will add them to the dashboard.

The Client Dashboard is more of a refresh than a complete overhaul. We have kept the Classic 3 buttons to give your client’s instant and easy access to send requests and add support time.

The dashboard header can now be customised in the Admin Settings, you can choose a custom color for the header background or upload an image – giving you full control over the look & feel.

We hope you and your clients will love using the new dashboards. If you have any questions, please let me know!