Hi everyone, first up – apologies for the lack of blog posts, I become a father recently and between working on Clientrol 24/24/7, it’s taken until now for me to get some free time to start blogging again, so what better topic to start off with than Working Freelance with a New Baby!

So what really happens when a new baby arrives on the scene? Well I can tell you it’s one of the happiest days ever, a day you will never forget.. Yawn I hear you say! ok thats the mushy stuff over.. for me it was also one of the most stressful days ever, I have people emailing me about work when I was outside waiting to go in, I thought to myself – do freelancers ever get a break? even when their child is born?

Working freelance is hard, stressful and double-hard..we all know that, but it’s why we love doing it! so carrying on with your normal human life as in having a child or going on honeymoon or anything else that normal people do shouldn’t have a bearing on your freelance life.  Listen, you work with challenges every.single.day, you multi-task, you are the go to person to get things done or when shit goes wrong.. so having a baby should be a breeze? lol. Well if you are prepared well, you will be all set!/

I totally get that there are some serious superheroes in the world who have the amazing skills to balance their freelance life with kale smoothies and a new baby but for the others, we need to figure it out. You do have around 6 months before junior arrives to have yourself prepared so this should be enough time to get everything in order.

Try these steps to help balance things out, I’m giving this advice as someone with a partner and as a male! Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

1. Use a laptop so you can work from anywhere in the house.

2. Try and work while baby is sleeping.

3. Have a place for baby to sit/sleep in your office space.

4. Get some really good noise-canceling headphones.

5. Build a Team – Family, friends, nannies, babysitters, as many as you can get!

Remember that once your baby starts in daycare, life will become better for everyone. They will get the stimulation they need and you will get the separate mental space you need.

Also I would recommend getting all your files onto a cloud service like Drive or Dropbox, time is so precious and when you have those hours to spend working you don’t want to waste time looking around for files!

Ask me any questions you like! Good Luck!