Many digital marketers search for the winning formula for creating a successful ad campaign. Unfortunately, many of them are not successful. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a winning formula doesn’t exist. As a matter of fact, these so called “digital nomads” create failing ad campaigns because they copy other unsuccessful marketing campaigns and put their own slant on it. However, they ignore the fundamentals. As a result, no matter what way you change the ad up it will not capture your audience attention if the fundamentals are poor. On that note, will let you in on the secret to creating a successful ad that will capture your audience attention.

How to capture your audience attention

In the following paragraphs, we’re going to go through various case studies that made certain ads great. Before we begin, it’s important to understand one thing. You’re not trying to sell your audience a product or service. What you need to sell them on is an idea, a dream, a fantasy. And the best way to achieve this is by storytelling. Every great marketer knows this. As a result, if you captivate your audience in 3 minutes or less by selling them on idea, you’ve won. Furthermore, as a piece of advice before we begin, forget that you’re selling a product. Instead going forward think as a story teller.

Case study – Capturing Your Audience Attention 

  1. Apple – Think Different 

Without a doubt, Apple were the kings of storytelling. Think about it. Apple sold computers, over expensive plastic boxes of wiring. Possibly one of the most boring products on the market at the time. However, Jobs spent a fortune on marketing and understood that what he was selling was innovation. A new way of thinking. In the following commercial he highlights some of the world’s most memorable forward thinkers. Check it out;

  1. MetLife Hong Kong – “My Dads Story”

In “My Dad’s Story,” we meet a doting father who does anything for his little girl. We won’t spoil the twist, but the tale and a tagline like “We understand every sacrifice you make for your children’s future,” let’s just say it’s sadvertising at its blubbery best. The marketing agency BBDO Hong Kong did a great job selling life insurance without selling life insurance. Check it out;

  1. Coca-Cola 90s Christmas Ad

Above all other commercials, I don’t think there is a human alive that doesn’t know this one. During the holidays, we all await patiently for the coca cola Christmas ad. When it’s aired, only then do you know it’s Christmas! In contrast to the other ads, Coke didn’t really sell you on a story but a moment in time. Gathering of families, the warm Christmas buzz and the sweet taste of Coca Cola. Iconic. Check it out

  1. Nike – Maybe You’re Just Making Excuses

Similar to Apple, Nike have always done a fantastic job at putting you in the shoes of great athletes (excuse the pun). If this commercial doesn’t motivate you to get in shape I don’t know what will. Check it out;

  1. Chrysler Commercial narrated by Clint Eastwood Its Half Time America

Finally coming in at number 5 is an iconic super bowl commercial narrated by Clint Eastwood. Playing on the hardship Detroit State faced over the past couple of years. And if you notice, not once do they mention cars but forward thinking. Check it out

 To conclude, if there is anything you take away from this article. Sell them on an idea not a product.