Welcome to Clientrol

Like many who have come before us, our journey started with a need that became an idea that became a product that turned into a company.

The Idea is Born — 2013

There are many reasons why I started Clientrol, the one that pushed me to do it was once I got a call one night from a guy in Salt Lake City, he found me online and asked me to help him urgently. If I didn’t help him out he would go elsewhere but i didn’t have  contract for him, too much time to send out a proposal so I asked him to send me payment in advance and then I would setup a sheet with the time I spent working for him. It was very messy, I looked everywhere for something that could give me a request tool but the client would purchase time in advance, nada zip available.

I went ahead and started building it as a Joomla component and this is the 1st screenshot.

Classic Dashboard is created – 2014

I wanted a Dashboard that users could easily send Requests but could also see how much time was left in their account, the classic dashboard was created.

Beta, Alpha, Beta, Alpha Launch – 2015

Going to the WebSummit in Dublin with a very bootstrapped model, we began releasing the idea out into the wild. The feedback was brilliant and we rounded up our first few beta testers.

Problem was Clientrol was still a Joomla Component and I was reluctant to give away the product for free, we needed to move to a subscription based model.

Move to SaaS based Product – 2016

Moving to a SaaS model meant that users could free trail Clientrol and also manage their subscriptions, it gave us scope to release new versions easily.

Version 3 Release – 2017

Version 3 of Clientrol included a number of deep and significant changes. New features added, unused features removed – everything to make Clientrol a world class Client Retainer and Project Management Solution.

Accelerating Change – 2017

I guess we have survived the so called “80% Startup Failures” or whatever its called – We don’t care about that and we don’t focus on any negativity, startup BS or stereotyping. We are not going anywhere and we are here to stay, period. With users onboard, we are constantly developing new features faster than before. We have added in over 20 new features within the last month and we are shipping everything fast.

Check out our blog for the latest product updates or join our forum for more news and announcements.