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Agency Life

Managing an Agency involves not just your local team but external contractors located around the world. So how can you pull everyone together?

Clientrol Agency is designed to help you manage not just your Client but also your internal and external team so everything runs like clockwork.

Show me an example

Digiworks are a medium sized Agency with 10 internal staff who also use external contractors who are hired on a project by project basis.

Digiworks have a new client with a strict budget and a lot of stakeholders = lots of communication, the project also requires 3 external Contractors located in United States, Germany and Vietnam.

Digiworks want to give an awesome customer experience and complete the project on time and within budget but they sense the client will ask for more than the project scope, they also want to restrict access for 2 of the contractors.

The Solution

With Clientrol Agency, Digitworks can setup their Client, Team and Extenral COntractors. Digtiworks can create a Project all her clients under control. She can offer Monthly Retainer Packages as Bundles for a fixed Price each month, Her clients can signup quickly and easily and Amy can add in restrictions to each bundle.

If her client uses up all the restricted time, the client will not be able to submit anymore requests until they purchase more time – meaning Amy won’t have to spend any time chasing.

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