Client Dashboard Overview

The Client Dashboard displays 1) Client Plan and Date(if applicable) 2) Send Request Button & 3) Remaining Time

The Dashboard will always remain the same layout for every Client & Plan. To change the top left logo, please go to Admin Dashboard > Settings > Logo

The Remaining Time circle will display in:

Green for any of the following:Remaining 10 is more than 10 Hours, Unlimited Plan  or Ongoing Plan. Yellow for any of the following: Remaining Time is between 5-10 Hours. Red if the Remaining Time is less than 5 Hours.

This circle will also display a link to purchase additional time.

Main Menu

The Main Menu includes:

  • Requests – View and Submit Requests
  • Projects – View Projects, Tasks and Export Project Reports.
  • Messages – View, Send and Receive Messages.
  • Transactions – View Latest Transactions.
  • Profile – View and Edit Profile including Avatar.
  • Logout – Log out of Clientrol.

Important Note: The Client Dashboard is Read Only for the Client except for Requests, Messages & Exporting Projects.