Clientrol - Client Retainer Software, Project Management, Prepaid Support

1. Getting Started

Welcome to Clientrol!

Once you have and confirmed your account, you can sign into your Account Summary Dashboard.

The individual who signs up for Clientrol becomes the Super Administrator, they will be responsible for all aspects of Clientrol including adding clients, adding admins, managers and setting rates.

Here you can see your subscription and the expiry date, you can choose to Auto renew your subscription and Close your Account.

My Request Email

This is your email address for your clients to submit requests to you via email. More Information.

My Receipts

Here you can view and download your receipts for any payments received.

From the Account Summary page, please select the Go to Admin Dashboard link to bring you to the Admin Dashboard.

Question: “Can I get help setting up my account?"

Yes, There is a Free Online Chat Setup and Q&A Session to get you started – to select a time and date, please click here

^ This is highly recommend to get you up and running correctly and answer any questions.

Question: “How do my clients access their dashboard?"

The link to the client dashboard will be:

Question: “How do I use my own url such as"

Yes, we can help you set it up, please contact: for more information.