Adding Tasks

Tasks are located under Projects in the sidebar of the Admin Dashboard.

To add a Task, Select New and add the following information:

Add the following information:

  • Name: Title of the Task.
  • Project: Select the Project.
  • Start Deadline: Enter the Start Date.
  • End Deadline: Enter the End Date.
  • Assigned: Select the Contact.
  • Parent: If this Task is a Sub-Task, Select the Parent Task.
  • Priority: Optional, You can select low, medium or high.
  • Description: The Description of the Task.
  • Visible to Client: To show or hide it to the Client.
  • Important: If selected, the Task will appear in bold on Project reports.
  • Status: Open or Closed, if Closed the Task will not be editable.
  • Billable: If the Task is to be Billed or Not.
  • Bill Time: Enter the bill time in hours and minutes 00:00.
  • Note: If you wish to add a note to the task, this will appear in exports and Client view.
  • Attachments: If you want to add an attachment to the task.

After entering the information above, select Save or Save & Close.