Prepaid Plan Overview

The Prepaid Plan requires a Client to have hours in their account before they can submit a Request. If they have no hours, they cannot submit a request.

Each Client can have different hourly rates and currencies. Client can purchase time in intervals via a payment processor. Once the transaction has completed the hours will be credited to their account?

How do I add Hours if Client pays offline?

If your client pays you by wire transfer or another method, you can manually add hours to your client’s account by going to

Dashboard > Client > Plan Settings.

You can manually add hours anytime to the Client Plan settings.

What if my client goes over the hours available?

If your client has 1 hour left and you work a Request for 2 hours and add the 2 hours to the client account, the client account will appear as -1 hour. The system will not allow the client to submit anymore requests.