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This is not Reality for Freelancers

Working Freelance = Working Hard, whoever came up with the mythical cartoons of freelancers sitting in a hammock with a laptop have never worked in the industry.

The reality is far different, you are 24/7 up against it every day with a huge number of challenging factors – from dealing with existing clients, to getting new clients & multitasking all your existing workflow.

Clientrol is here to help Рbuilt on decades of industry experience understanding of the key challenges freelancers face on a daily basis and how to solve them from dealing  organisation, communication and getting paid.

Show me an example

Amy is Busy, she works as a Freelance Virtual Assistant, she helps local and internationals small businesses with their marketing and social media. She also offers consultation services and blog posting.

Amy offers her client’s monthly retainers but she finds that she is always doing more work every month. Her clients keep sending requests but she doesn’t want to upset them by saying they have no hours available, so she ends up working small jobs for free.

With other clients, she will send a bill and some of them don’t even respond or she has to chase and chase which is wasting a lot of her time.

The Solution

With Clientrol, Amy can get all her clients under control. She can offer Monthly Retainer Packages as Bundles for a fixed Price each month, Her clients can signup quickly and easily and Amy can add in restrictions to each bundle.

If her client uses up all the restricted time, the client will not be able to submit anymore requests until they purchase more time – meaning Amy won’t have to spend any time chasing.

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