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  • Dashboard
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      The Client Dashboard includes information about the client’s plan, send requests and how much time is available in their account. For Prepaid and Recurring plans, there is an option to purchase additional time.

  • Requests
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      Requests show an overview of submitted requests, here the client can check the status of a request, the amount of time spent and if they have to approve a request before it is billed.

  • Projects
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      Projects shows the client all their latest projects. Your client can access and view a project in detail including the tasks, sub-tasks and milestones. Reports are available to export showing the project status.

  • Messages
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      Messages will show the latest messages sent and received, here the client can compose and reply to a message

  • Transactions
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      The Transactions overview includes any purchases of time by PayPal or Stripe. The Client can download a PDF invoice here.

  • Profile
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      The Profile allows the client to update their email address, password, avatar and contact information.

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