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  • Prepaid
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      Prepaid Plan is for clients to purchase time in advance before submitting a request. If your Client has no hours available, they will be unable to send requests or messages

    • Example

      You have a Client – Green Architects, you built a website for them years ago that they manage themselves and they don’t have a retainer or support agreement with you. They need small updates done maybe once or twice a year.

      You would use the Prepaid Plan, this plan means your Client must purchase some time before submitting a request to you. This means you don’t have to chase small invoices.

  • Recurring
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      The Recurring Plan is for clients who have a monthly retainer, this plan automatically clears any hours and resets every 30-days. If the Client has no hours available they can purchase additional hours by PayPal or Stripe.

    • Example

      You have a Client, White Consulting. You have an agreement with them to provide 10 hours of support services per month. You would use the Recurring Plan, this plan automatically updates your Client’s dashboard to 10 hours of support time every month. Any unused time is removed.

  • Ongoing
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      Ongoing is for Clients with no retainer but who require ongoing support and are billed each month for the number of hours worked.

    • Example

      You have a Client, Orange Printing, they provide you with adhoc work, some months could be busier than others, they don’t want a retainer but they want you to bill them every month.

      The Ongoing Plan will enable you to provide services and bill when you wish, there are no restrictions for your client, they can submit as many requests as they wish. You then select the requests you wish to bill and an invoice is sent in seconds.

  • Timed
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      Timed is for Clients that may require unlimited support for a specific period of time.

    • Example

      Blue Marketing have contracted you for 2 weeks to work on a project, you want to control requests during this time but you don’t want any restrictions for your client.

      The Time Plan means you can simply choose a Start and End time, during this time the Client can submit as many requests as they wish.

  • Unlimited
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      Unlimited allows the client to send unlimited requests without any restrictions.

    • Example

      Your Client, Red Agency are very busy and you have a retainer with them for the year with no restrictions.

      You would choose the Unlimited Plan, this way they can submit as many requests as they wish, no time is calculated.

  • F.A.Q
    • What is a Client Plan?

      A Client Plan is how you control your client’s requests, communications and billing.

      There are 5 different Client Plans, when you are setting up your Client on Clientrol, you will select a plan to suit the relationship you have with your client.

    • Explain the Plans to me?

      There are 5 different Client Plans.

      Prepaid – If your Client is a Prepaid Plan, they will be required to purchase time in advance before they can submit a request to you. You can set different hourly rates for different clients. Your client can purchase time with PayPal and it will be automatically credited to your account.

      Ongoing – This plan is for clients where you want them to submit requests without restrictions and you bill them as you wish. The Bill feature only works with Ongoing Plans, you can select the closed requests and email an invoice to your clients for payment.

      Recurring – This plan is for clients who may have an agreement or retainer in place for x amount of hours per month. The plan automatically updates the hours every x number of days you set. Any previous hours are removed and each months started fresh.

      Time – This plan enables your client to send unlimited requests without restrictions for a period of time, this is for short term projects.

      Unlimited – This plan has no restrictions and there are no costs added to the client’s account.

    • Can I change my Client's Plan?

      Yes you can change your client’s plan anytime.

      As admin, you have full control over your client’s plans and you can change them anytime you wish.

    • My client is Prepaid but they pay me by wire transfer

      You can manually add time to your client’s plan.

      The Dashboard allows you to manually add and subtract time as you wish, if you have received payment offline or if you have agreed terms with your client.

    • Can I use different currencies?

      Yes, you can use as many currencies as you wish.

      The Dashboard allows you to alter each client and use different hourly rates, add tax and change currencies.

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